was created from my passion for animals and from my experience as a pet photographer, a commercial representative for dog and cat food and dog instructor. I also attended several classes concerning pet behavior and caring. As you can see, my life is full with Woozi!

will keep on searching for new, innovative, trendy and design products for your pet!

is a combination of woof, meow and cat (in Dutch) and sounds very cuddly.

is exclusive distributor for Catswall Design for cats.

has a large test panel for dog products: Bruce, Lisa, Lovely, Bentley, Eve, Jack and Gill, Bonnie, Clyde and Faye. The articles for cats are checked by Frig, Ronja, Happy and Tibo and our dwarf rabbits Harry and Dora check out the rodents department. All these pets are being pampered by their owners Karine, Marc, Alessia and Kaat.


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Pet hotel

Nothing as annoying as leaving your trusted four-legged friend when you go abroad. You are looking for someone who, like you, pamper your pet and does not consider it a “number”.
Exactly from that philosophy I recently started with our own Woozi Dierenhotel.
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