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Curvynest small

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Curvynest redefines the shape of cat nest designs. Formed by a fluid flow of a curvey line, the contour fits cat bodies perfectly. It’s a great place for cats to rest and enjoy some private space. Curvynest’s elastic structure design allows it to withstand many cats at once. Cat movements on the Curvynest will create subtle bouncing effects to the rack, which feels very much like a cradle.

Curvynest’s idea came from our concept of “piled tunnels” where cats can rest and interact while feeling safe in their own space. Uniquely designed with elegant curves, Curvynest adds style to your cats’ living space. Cats may rest comfortably on the curvey surface. Curvynest also has the same function as a cat tree or a cat tower. The rooftop of the Curvynest is a great lookout spot for cats. The height of the rooftop is also perfect for cats to interact with people. Every curve on Curvynest provides great support for cats as a comfortable resting place. Curvynest is a 4 story apartment for cats; they all have their own private room.

Materials: MDF board, PVC woven fabric
Curvynest (S) 49cm L x 45 cm W x 56cm H / 19- 5/16” L x 17- 23/32” W x 22-1/16” H

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