Catwheel II


The innovated idea with hollow center design of cat wheel was originated from Catswall. The Catwheel is not only a good tool for active cats to vent their energy but also a piece of artwork in the simple appearance with a sense of design.

The wheel is supported by its stable base. The thin-shell structure allows the center part of the Catwheel completely hollow; cats can jump in and out from both sides. Its proper width ensure the security of fast running cats; the width is enough for maximum three cats running at the same time. The Catwheel is the best choice for multi-cat owners to increase the physical activity and improve body health of the cats with limit living spaces.

The Catwheel became widely popular among cat owners since it was launched in 2012.
In order to optimize the product, we enhanced the design and upgraded it to Catwheel II this year. Comparing to the first generation of Catwheel, it has following advantages:

The brand new design of wheel base is able to minimize the noise while running.
Changing the structure and positions of loading casters to increase the stability and reduce the possibility of wobbling.
Coating with scratch-resistant paint to lower damages caused by accidental collision.
Simplified the packaging from two cartons into one carton to save transportation costs.

Shipping rates variate for each country and postal code. Contact us for your rate. For example: Madrid, Spain: 180 euro – Paris, France: 110 euro

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Materials: MDF board, PVC woven fabric, PVC veneer
wheel 120cm/ 47-1/4” dia. X 35cm/ 13-25/32” W
base 90cm/ 35-7/16” L x 35cm/ 13-25/32” W x 30cm/ 11-13/16” H

SOLD OUT! You can contact us for reservation of your Catwheel with delivery in August. ONLY 2 AVAILABLE!

Koop nu je Running wheel for cats

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