• Jolly Tug-n-Toss ball

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    Durable enough for a horse, our Top Paw Tug-N-Toss Jolly Ball is made from nontoxic, highly durable materials that resist bite punctures, stomps, or kicks. The Jolly Ball won’t deflate and doesn’t need air. Simply toss to your rowdy, rough-houser and enjoy a day of interactive fun. Great for solo play too.

  • LUI Scratcher

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    LUI is a multifunctional furniture for cats.
    Material: corrugated cardboard.
    Dimensions in cm(length x width x height) 75 x 26 x 25. Weight 1.5kg.

    The product is made by hand – dimensions may be slightly different.

    Colours: white, black, brown, grey

    Design scratcher
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    Cats usually sharpen their claws on tree trunks. To prevent damage to furniture or frustrations to owners, the Catscraper post is the perfect substitute – like an indoor tree! The material of this product is New Zealand Pine, it is the softest wood which does not hurt cats’ claws.

    Pinewood scratching boards are known for durability. There are 3 scratching board panels in each side. The middle panel will likely show the most wear over time. In order to extend the product life, it is easy to switch the positions of these panels or replace them with new ones by unscrewing the base from the bottom.

    ​By putting a cat teaser in the hole of the top panel, owners can make CatScraper a playing tower to keep cats entertained.

    Materials: pinewood, aluminum
    Top Panel: 30 x 30cm / 11-13/16”x 11-13/16”
    Column Dimensions: 23.5 x 23.5cm / 9 -1/4”x 9 -1/4”
    Base Panel: 40 x 40cm / 15- 3/4” x 15- 3/4”
    Height: 93.5cm / 36-13/16”
    Scratching Board (single piece): 20 x 30cm / 7-7/8” x 11-13/16”

    Catswall catscraper
  • Scratching board

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    Cats often need to “sharpen” their claws. It’s a part of their natural behavior, to remove the outer layer of their growing claws. Cat owners must provide their cats with a good scratching board or else cats will try to sharpen their claws on house furniture.

    Scratching Board is made of pine wood, and it is durable and environmental friendly. It’s a major improvement over paper-made scratching boards. This Scratching board is made of natural pinewood; it provides just the right hardness for your cat to scratch on. The perfect angle of our scratching board makes it also a comfortable platform for relaxing.

    Materials: pinewood
    Dimensions: (assembled): 50 x 50 x 15cm / 19- 11/16” x 7- 7/8” x 5- 29/32”

    Catswall scratching board
  • Cat box

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    A combination of jump platform and nest with a weight capacity of 15 kgs/ 33 lbs.
    The Catswall cat boxes are part of the Modular Cat Wall but can also be attached separately to the wall through the 30 cm wide panel. The cat box can be easily attached to it, the panel is completely covered.

    Available in 5 patterns. Comes with 30cm panel and edge caps.
    Dimensions: 40cm L x 33cm W x 32.6cm H / 15-3/4” L x 13” W x 12-13/16” H

    Cat box
  • Catwheel II

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    The innovated idea with hollow center design of cat wheel was originated from Catswall. The Catwheel is not only a good tool for active cats to vent their energy but also a piece of artwork in the simple appearance with a sense of design.

    The wheel is supported by its stable base. The thin-shell structure allows the center part of the Catwheel completely hollow; cats can jump in and out from both sides. Its proper width ensure the security of fast running cats; the width is enough for maximum three cats running at the same time. The Catwheel is the best choice for multi-cat owners to increase the physical activity and improve body health of the cats with limit living spaces.

    The Catwheel became widely popular among cat owners since it was launched in 2012.
    In order to optimize the product, we enhanced the design and upgraded it to Catwheel II this year. Comparing to the first generation of Catwheel, it has following advantages:

    The brand new design of wheel base is able to minimize the noise while running.
    Changing the structure and positions of loading casters to increase the stability and reduce the possibility of wobbling.
    Coating with scratch-resistant paint to lower damages caused by accidental collision.
    Simplified the packaging from two cartons into one carton to save transportation costs.

    Shipping rates variate for each country and postal code. Contact us for your rate. For example: Madrid, Spain: 180 euro – Paris, France: 110 euro

    Watch some movies on our facebook page:

    Materials: MDF board, PVC woven fabric, PVC veneer
    wheel 120cm/ 47-1/4” dia. X 35cm/ 13-25/32” W
    base 90cm/ 35-7/16” L x 35cm/ 13-25/32” W x 30cm/ 11-13/16” H

    SOLD OUT! You can contact us for reservation of your Catwheel with delivery in August. ONLY 2 AVAILABLE!

    Running wheel for cats
  • Modular cat spiral staircase

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    The spiral staircase is cat furniture which can be used as a column for moving up and down to accommodate cats’ climbing behavior. This swirled and beautifully designed product is made with birch plywood, aluminum alloy and stainless steel components which presents not only a natural and simple style but also a nice interior decoration. Its reinforced support boards are wrapped with jute rope which also work as scratching posts.

    The spiral staircase is a modular product which can be assembled and disassembled with just a screwdriver. Unlike a general spiral staircase which must be fixed to both ceiling and floor; it has a stable base and can be screwed directly into a wall. The proper spacing between the steps allows both old cats and kittens move up and down easily. For the extension of cat-activity spaces, several sets of spiral staircases can be made into a multi-functional cat tower, connected with aisles.

    Materials: birch plywood, aluminum alloy, jute rope, stainless steel parts
    Height: 210cm/ 82-11/16”
    Full Diameter (assembled): 70 cm/ 27- 9/16”
    Base Dimensions: 60 x 60cm/ 23- 5/8”x23- 5/8”

    Catswall design staicase
  • Modular cat wall set

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    The modular cat wall broke through the traditional designs and integrated all the modular hanging accessories which including cat box, cat passage, cat stair and 5-step cat ladder on a vertical wall. The modular design not only extend the spaces for cats but also reduce the oppression which is caused by narrow living space. Grass is always greener; the modular cat wall is able to fulfill this cat behavior. For long-term, cats might be bored and refuse to use the bulky traditional cat trees. All the hanging accessories of Catswall modular cat wall can be mounted on (or dismounted from) the hanging tracks directly, it is easy to take down for cleaning or change position. This kind of design makes your cats’ place is always full of fun and also can fulfill their curiosity of exploring. There isn’t any alternative product in similar design available in the worldwide market.

    Modular cat climbing wall requires a certain width, so all the accessories which are hung on the wall can be arranged to suitable positions and provide the cats appropriate moving lines. 150cm/5 FT. is the minimum width for the design. The wall width can be increased with an increment of 30cm/1 FT. The standard height of modular cat wall is 156 cm/61-7/16” which is also can be increased with an increment of 12cm/4-23/32”.


    A combination of jump platform and nest with a weight capacity of 15 kgs/ 33 lbs.
    Dimensions: 40cm L x 33cm W x 32.6cm H / 15-3/4” L x 13” W x 12-13/16” H


    Providing cats smooth moving lines on modular cat wall. The passage is available in two lengths,

    60 x 20cm / 23-5/8” x 7-7/8” and 40 x 20cm / 15-3/4” x 7-7/8”.


    Can be mounted on modular cat wall as steps,

    25 x 15cm / 9-7/8” x 5-29/32”.

    •5-step CatLadder

    It is an assembled ladder which can be hung on the lower edge of modular cat wall. The tilt angle of the ladder can be adjusted for the convenience of kittens and old cats to move up and down.

    ​Five colors of PVC veneer sticker are available​

    Five patterns for catsbox are available

    ​Material: Pinewood finger joint splicing board, aluminum

    ​Taiwan, ROC Patent # M397143
    US Patent # 8826862B2

    Modular cat wall
  • Catscubby

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    Catscubby is a combination of cat nest and bench. As cats like to get into any objects with holes; the design of Catscubby is able to meet the behaviors of cats.

    It seems simple in the structure but contains many unique features in the design. With two round cut-outs on the adjacent sides, it provides a safe place for hiding, napping and playing. Its hidden wheels provide not only visual beauty but also prevents cat’s paws or tail from being trapped while moving the Catscubby. It also reduces the force of collision which is caused by cats’ high speed running.

    The removable top panel of Catscubby is convenient for cleaning its inside space.

    Materials: pinewood, PVC woven fabric
    Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 40 cm/ 15- 3/4” x 15- 3/4” x 15- 3/4”

    Catswall design cat house
  • Arched scratching post

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    Cats like to sharpen their claws in a standing position; the arched scratching post was designed to meet this natural behavior. We adopted rope as the material which is widely accepted by cats. High quality jute rope is softer and not prickly, natural and uncolored, with no oily odor. Compared to paper scratching boards, rope-wrapped ones are more durable and less messy without shredded wood chips.

    The unique and stable design of the arched scratching post is totally different from traditional scratching posts. With hollow handles on top, it can be moved easily. The modular design allows users to simply replace the well-worn scratching posts. The main stand is in MDF (medium-density fiberboard) and sealed with a transparent furniture coating.

    There are eight surfaces on the four rope-wrapped posts so cats can sharpen their claws from different angles. A rattan ball with bell inside hangs in the middle by a spring rope with good elasticity. Thus, the arched scratching post is a product with multiple purposes, it is not just a tool for sharpen claws, but a toy for cats as well.

    Materials: MDF board, jute rope, rattan ball, PVC elastic spring
    Base Panel : 40 x 40cm / 15- 3/4” x 15- 3/4”
    Height: 92cm/ 36- 3/16”

    Catswall design scratching post
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    Curvynest small

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    Curvynest redefines the shape of cat nest designs. Formed by a fluid flow of a curvey line, the contour fits cat bodies perfectly. It’s a great place for cats to rest and enjoy some private space. Curvynest’s elastic structure design allows it to withstand many cats at once. Cat movements on the Curvynest will create subtle bouncing effects to the rack, which feels very much like a cradle.

    Curvynest’s idea came from our concept of “piled tunnels” where cats can rest and interact while feeling safe in their own space. Uniquely designed with elegant curves, Curvynest adds style to your cats’ living space. Cats may rest comfortably on the curvey surface. Curvynest also has the same function as a cat tree or a cat tower. The rooftop of the Curvynest is a great lookout spot for cats. The height of the rooftop is also perfect for cats to interact with people. Every curve on Curvynest provides great support for cats as a comfortable resting place. Curvynest is a 4 story apartment for cats; they all have their own private room.

    Materials: MDF board, PVC woven fabric
    Curvynest (S) 49cm L x 45 cm W x 56cm H / 19- 5/16” L x 17- 23/32” W x 22-1/16” H

    Catswall design catnest
  • Multi-Cat Raised Feeder 3 bowls

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    The Multi-Cat Raised Feeder is both elegant and functional in design. Feeding with raised bowls not only can protect cat’s neck and joints but also provides a more comfortable way of eating. It is also a good tool to avoid food aggression situation. With the hole on the cat-shaped handle, the Multi-Cat Raised Feeder is easy to carry and clean which is very suitable for a family with multiple cats. The anti-ants design is able to prevent the annoying ant problem that is often happened in temperate and tropical regions.

    Materials: ABS plastic, 304 stainless steel
    base diameter: 18.5cm/ 7- 9/32”
    total height: 28.5cm/ 11- 7/32”
    bowl rack height: 13cm/ 5- 1/8”
    bowl: 12.4cm/ 4- 7/8” dia. X 4.1cm / 1- 5/8” H

    Raised cat feeder